The foundation and growth of the Company Ventura Lavorazioni Meccaniche Srl took place thanks to the Founder Francesco Ventura, whose passion, commitment and proactive mood succeeded in materializing his dream, now got ahead with the same presence from his children.

Ventura Lavorazioni Meccaniche is a typicall artisan Company and employs qualified personnel, with a huge technical background in precision mechanic.

The experience led to an organization able to supply a complete and effective service, ready to satisfy a customer base made of big and small enterprises, both the national and both the foreign&international ones.

Production is not only limited to minor parts, but it’s also involved in the machining of items with bigger dimensions like casted or welded workbenches, large flanges, wide steel structures.

The available tools and machines are versatile and allow to operate also on large serial productions as well as on usual prototypical products.

The management, lean and effective, enables a flexible and optimized production cycle, together with a satisfactory service and a valid technical support in the usual compressed lead times for the job.

Quality, experience and efficient management, together with a competitive price range, are among the factors which led Ventura Lavorazioni Meccaniche to co-operate with important industries active in the mechanical, electrical and food business.